Health and Career Expo


Let's Grow Together

The Health Expo is aimed at promoting awareness and education on bettering the health of San Antonians when dealing with life threatening illnesses that plague the San Antonio community. This includes information on how to properly address obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, HIV/AIDS, and leukemia. San Antonio is a growing city that is facing growing health related issues which in turn keep people from working and living a full life. The health fair is aimed at educating the community on how to better handle their health related issues. Patrons will be able to meet with health care industry professionals and receive information to take home with them in order to continue the education process.

The Career Expo is an initiative that has been developed to spark forward progress in the local economy, as we invite some of San Antonio's largest employers to interface with local job seekers. The career fair, is aimed at job seekers in all industries from the healthcare industry to gas and energy. The career fair will allow for active job seekers to receive information on companies, meet with potential employers, and set up formal interviews. It is the goal of the job fair to help all job seekers obtain an interview.